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Wednesday, January 20th, 2021
New york
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What is Energy
Energy in simple words is defied as the ability to do work. It exists in many different forms as heat;
kinetic, potential, nuclear, chemical, mass, and electromagnetic. In society and in the context of humanities, the word energy is used as a synonym of energy resources, and most often refers to substances like fuels, petroleum products and electricity in general. These are sources of usable energy, in that they can be easily transformed to other kinds of energy sources that can serve a particular useful purpose.

Energy & Economy
Energy is the fuel that runs the engine of the world economy. Before industrial revolution, most of the energy was used for heating and cooking purpose.  After the industrial revolution in 18th century, the demand of energy started growing rapidly and now all developed, progressive, growing and other developing economies are looking for
reliable & dependable energy source to maintain their planned sustainable economic growth. It is widely believed that energy catalyses growth and fuels development. Apart from regular residential and commercial energy uses, economic activities such as manufacturing and transportation are energy intensive.

Modern society continues to rely largely on fossil fuels to preserve economic growth and today's standard of living. However, for the first time, physical limits of the Earth are met in our encounter with finite resources of oil and natural gas and its impact of greenhouse gas emissions onto the global climate. Most of these fossil fuels are used as primary energy sources to generate electricity.

Energy and Sustainability

Energy and sustainability are words often associated with development. It is accepted on all levels that nature and human society can only truly progress through its ability to acquire energy in a clean and sustainable manner. Sustainable Energy now mean the patterns of energy production and use that can support society’s present and future needs with the least life cycle economic, environmental and social costs.  We are trying to create awareness among all stake holders to jointly work on it and provide practical and affordable solutions for the sustainable world. Education, we believe is the way forward and we with our team of well trained, skilled and dedicated personnel will be successful to steer the “Energy Ship” towards a positive outcome for the citizenry and the economy.

Energy Sources
There are two types of energy sources: renewable and nonrenewable. Renewable sources like wind, solar and water energy are constantly renewed. Nonrenewable energy sources like oil, gas and coal cannot be replaced and are in limited supply and depleting very quickly. Knowing the definition of energy conservation is important because it will help save the nonrenewable energy resources so that they are available for future generations.

We at WATEEN are an Alternative Energy Systems Developer and Integrator.  As such we design and construct Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Geo-thermal, Hydrogen cell, Tidal/ Wave, Atmospheric lightening, Biogas and Biomass systems for homeowners, farms, municipalities and businesses.  Our services do not stop there.  We work with, and for, our customers at every stage of the project and strongly believe that as the consumer, you have the right to know what is happening and we will keep you informed.

Creating a greener future. That's what we do. At WATEEN, we're addressing tomorrow's energy needs today. We are working on both sides of the energy picture. On one side, we are working hard to develop and explore new areas / technologies for energy generation and secondly we are emphasizing on development of those renewable technologies having minimal impact of greenhouse gasses emission. We are thus developing and exploring electricity generation opportunities from energy resources such as solar energy and wind, instead of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and natural gas.
On realizing that our popular fossil fuels consumed to generate energy for doing different works are contributing carbon dioxide increase of the atmosphere which results in increase of our atmospheres temperature. This is causing increase in our world temperature is melting glaciers and polar ice,  raising the sea levels and causing a no of various changes in the world weather and climate conditions. Understanding these issues will allow us an insight into a world where alternative energy is no longer the alternative but the only solution to a sustainable world.

Energy conservation is meant to reduce the amount of energy being used. Using our energy wisely has also now become real importance of our world. We are proud to be part of this campaign that every effort should be made to employ any energy saving tip practical and explore these ideas to the other parts of the globe. This has now become of real importance as the world has now entered into a globalization phase and every individual’s action is affecting the remaining world. This also reduces our fossil fuels consumption used to generate various types of energy and indirectly help in
reducing carbon emissions.

To summarize,  using the most current technologies, WATEEN is working in close association with its global technological associates in providing integrated planning and engineering solutions for a new, sustainable energy future. We help our clients in changing their attitudes to reduce energy consumption, develop renewable sources, improve grid reliability and cut emissions from fuels already in use.
Whether you are a residential or business owner and whatever your goals may be, we have the solutions for you.  Our technologies are simple, safe and available to everyone, with outstanding financial benefits through energy savings and programs established by local, state and federal governments.