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Tuesday, January 26th, 2021
New york
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About Us

Mission Statement    

WATEEN is dedicated to educating people to  build &  maintain  a fairer, more sustainable world by empowering them to make intelligent buying decisions in Water, Energy and Environment issues.

Owners & Board Of Directors Statement

t is our desire that through collective efforts of our dedicated employees and associated strategic and trading partners, WATEEN will develop and commercialize quality products which enable our customer in sharing their  efforts in bringing our globe on a viable path of survival. We are strategically building our organization  to foster an atmosphere for our employees with a long term future. 

WATEEN help our clients buy the best item by guiding them through our qualified, experienced and professional personnel for the efficient use of our products. By this, we have carved a niche in the market. We not only design and manufacture equipment tailored to our client's need, but also provide fast, reliable and efficient backup technical services.

Our Vision       
To lead the technology revolution with innovations that transform markets, create opportunities, and offer a cleaner, brighter future to people around the world.
We strive to create awareness and education on world water issues, recycling, and the welfare of the planet, while inspiring people to individually generate positive energy in their lives, and in their communities.
We support organizations and events which provide education through the media on social and environmental issues.

Our Business
Solutions is engaged in design, manufacture and sale of high quality, innovative plants and systems. These products and our technical support offer solutions and value to our customers in water, wastewater, energy, renewable energy, environment and low carbon products at a fair profit for WATEEN.

Our Values   
We have an uncompromising dedication to integrity, moral principles, the intrinsic worth of individuals, and the value of relationships. We will strive to treat our coworkers, customers, distributors and vendors as we would want ourselves to be treated; that is, with the utmost honesty, fairness, and courtesy.

Our People
It has been our intention since the inception of WATEEN to employ the most conscientious, dependable, cooperative, productive, qualified, creative individuals possible. This has led to innovative, reliable and unique products that are appealing to customers, manufactured with efficiency and quality resulting in a fair profit. From this, it naturally follows that our people are our greatest asset and are valued as such.
is customer focused organization and each individual's contribution is critical to meeting the customer's needs and achieving its goals. Our customers are best served in the long run by fostering an atmosphere of putting others first. This requires teamwork, dedication, personal sacrifice, and innovative thinking with an attitude of "How can I help meet this customer's needs?" on the part of each employee.

Management Team     
is managed and controlled by a group of qualified and experience group having vast experience in the related fields.  WATEEN is committed to providing senior level expertise and ensures that qualified experts have a hands-on role in projects from start to finish. We are proud to have a dedicated team of staff both in the offices and out in the field that keeps your system running day and night, rain or shine, 24 hours a day seven days a week.
WATEEN is here to help. Our engineering expertise, guide to product selection, prices, and customer service all work together to provide you with a superior customer experience. With our expertise and your help we can make that happen.
operate and control all of its operations from its head office located in Sydney. Here various departments such as design and engineering , sales and marketing, customer support, research and development work collaboratively under close supervision of  top  management. This system is designed to have tight grip over company's operations to ensure quick, efficient and reliable services to all of customers.

Design and Engineering
by using its in-house & outsourced design capabilities manufacture, assemble & install pre-engineered, custom designed, complete "turn-key" systems, skid mounted packages, complete engineered products for particular use, components and accessories,  control panels. Keeping the equipment design simple but incorporating latest technological advancement without compromising on quality and functionality of the system is part of the Team's ongoing objective.
WATEEN’s products are engineered to the highest standards, manufactured to withstand extended use in rugged settings. The Design and Engineering Team works in close association with our customers, customizing systems to fit specific personal, residential, commercial, municipal and industrial applications.

Associations- Trading Partners
We at WATEEN. are proud to be affiliated with the following organizations.

For any questions regarding our wide range of products and services please contact our office at (02) 8600 0028 or e-mail