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Wednesday, January 20th, 2021
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Acid Neutralizer Fil
Acid Neutralizer Fil


Yasric ACN Filters The media in acid neutralizing filters is crushed and graded calcium carbonate (limestone). It is used to neutralize corrosive_acidic_water and to increase alkalinity_and_pH.

When acidic water passed through the bed, the media will slowly dissolve. After about six months it is necessary to replace
the dissolved_media. As the media


dissolved it will slightly increase the hardness of the water in proportion to the acidity. Because of this it may be necessary to follow the acid neutralizer filter with a water softener. Waters with low (acidic) pH value and low bicarbonate_alkalinity respond best with acid neutralizer filters and pH values about 7 are often obtained with little increase in hardness. On the other hand these filters respond poorly to and are not recommended for waters with low pH and high bicarbonate alkalinity. The filter must be backwashed at regular intervals to keep the bed loose and granular. Do not install on water with pH below 5.0.

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