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Thursday, February 25th, 2021
New york
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Conservation Tips

Commercial Water Conservation Tips 

 ·    Educate employees, contractors and other users in your facility about the importance of water conservation.

·    Perform a leak survey on your facility. Watch the meter after hours or on weekends to see if there are any leaks. Larger, more complex facilities may need sub-metering. Denver Water offers free commercial water-use audits.
·    Plant low-water-use plants or native grass instead of Kentucky bluegrass.  
·    Replace older toilets and urinals with high-efficiency toilets and urinals. Denver Water offers rebates for both residential and commercial toilet replacement. 
·    Replace old aerators and showerheads with new low-flow models. 
·    Regularly inspect, maintain and repair your boiler systems. Install a condensate return line on your boiler if it does not already have one. 
·    Identify all single-pass flows in your facility. These flows often are associated with equipment cooling for pumps, compressors, ice machines, air conditioners and other equipment. Denver Water’s incentive program will pay for a substantial portion of replacement costs. 
·    Regularly inspect, maintain and repair your cooling tower system, which consumes a significant amount of a building’s water. Denver Water has a cooling tower audit program, in which Denver Water will pay an engineering firm to evaluate the condition and operation of your cooling tower. 
·    Review historical water usage for your facility. Analyzing several years of consumption data will often identify undiscovered leaks or other problems. View your water use history.
·    Perform a water audit on your facility to help identify where your water goes.