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Tuesday, January 26th, 2021
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Iron Filter
Iron Filters

Birm_Filter: Yasric - BM Filters Commonly used in industrial water filtration systems for removal dissolved iron_&_manganese.                                 

Green_Sand_Filter : Yasric – GS Filters These filters are used for removing both oxidized iron and iron in solution and hydrogen sulphide. The practical upper limit of iron concentration for these filters is 5ppm. Removal of small amounts of hydrogen_sulfide are also achieved. Greensand filters are generally limited to application where the combined iron and manganese concentration is below 15 ppm. 

The filter_media has three functions:

•  It acts as an efficient_filter in removing oxidized_iron and sediment. 
•  It acts as a contacts catalyst in augmenting the union of oxygen and dissolved iron in water to from oxidized (filterable) iron ( the water must contain at least 0.1 ppm oxygen for every 0.7 ppm of iron. 
•  In cases where the water has little or no oxygen the media will give up some of its own store of oxygen to oxidize_iron.

The media must be regenerated periodically with potassium_permanganate (depending upon oxygen content of water) to restore the media. Optional regenerant systems are available to facilitate regeneration. pH must be at least 6.8 for efficient application and temperature should not exceed 120ºF. Chlorine or potassium permanganate may be fed into the water ahead of the iron filter to aid in the oxidation of iron. 

Iron Oxidizing Filter Application / Uses 

Iron filters have unique ability to remove both the soluble (colorless) and insoluble (red color) iron from water. These filters are used when hardness is low or when removal of iron by ion exchange (water softening) is not practical. Under special condition manganese and hydrogen sulfide are also removed by the iron filter.

Process Theory
The filter media consists of manganese greensand which is a purple black sand like media, specify processed to contain a manganese oxide coating required to catalyze the oxidation of iron. A portion of the oxide slowly becomes reduced and must be restored (regenerated) periodically with potassium permanganate (KMnO4 ). Regeneration frequency depends on the amount of iron, hydrogen sulfide and oxygen in the influent water .The more iron and hydrogen sulfide in the influent, the more often media will require regeneration. Without oxygen, the media capacity for iron removal is limited to 10,000 ppm – gals./cu.ft. With oxygen, the capacity is much greater, with regeneration required only a few times per year.
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