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Tuesday, January 26th, 2021
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Water Filtration


Filtration is a physical process and its sole purpose is to remove remaining suspended_particles from water. These suspended_particles are removed when water passed through a bed of granular materials known as the filter_media. The filter_media are usually sand or combination of sand, anthracite, garnet or some other inert material. Filtration may be carried out under gravity flow or pressure flow. Pressure_filtration is common in industry.
Filters are further classified according to type of filter_media involved. In that some other purifications and treatments are employed which does not not cover the above definition of filters.
During water_filtration water flows downward through the filter media, although upflow filters are also available. Initially the head loss across the filter is minimal. As retained suspended particles buildup on the filter media, the head loss increases. When the head loss reaches a pre-determined value, backwash in the upward direction is started. The backwash_flow is sufficient to expand and loosen the bed by at least 10&% of the bed volume but not enough to take away the filter_media. Sufficient space is provided above the filter_bed for expansion during backwash.

Here are some of the basic types of filtration systems available with us (details below)

       Sand_Filter                                         Birm_Filter
       Green_Sand_Filter                               Agracleer_Filters 
       Anthracite_Filter                                  In-Depth_Filter
       Multi-Media_Filter                                Acid_Neutralizer_Filter
       Activated_Carbon_Filter                        Micro-Filtration_Membrnae_Filter
       Ultra-Filtration_Membrane_Filter            Nano-Filtration_Membrane_Filter
       Multi-Cartridge_Housing_Filters             Bag_Filters

Critical Selection parameter for Water Filters

Selection of the filter configuration depends upon:

• Water_Quality_Report (Suspended_particles, turbidity) 
• Water_Requirements (Hourly, daily)
• Water_Requirements ( Normal , peak)
• Water Storage capacity (Pre-, Post)
• Single/Dual/ Triple Tank System Manual / Automatic_Regeneration
• Feed Water Pressure Available Construction Material of Media Tanks
• Backwash amount and duration Quality_of_treated_water
• Service_period required (Filtered water output between two consecutive backwash)
• Maximum permissible final pressure_drop (head_loss) across the filter                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  WATEEN Industrial Water Filters can utilize several different types of filter beds: 

   • Sand_Filter: Yasric - SD Filters Commonly used in most standard industrial water filtration_systems for removal of suspended_solids_and_turbidity. 
   • Birm_Filter: Yasric - BM Filters Commonly used in industrial water filtration systems for removal dissolved iron_&_manganese. 
   • Green_Sand_Filter : Yasric – GS Filters These filters are used for removing both oxidized iron and iron in solution and hydrogen sulphide. The practical upper limit of iron concentration for these filters is 5ppm. Removal of small amounts of hydrogen_sulfide are also achieved. Greensand filters are generally limited to application where the combined iron and manganese concentration is below 15 ppm. 
   • AG_Agracleer_Filters : Yasric AG Filters For removal of typical suspended matter (for dense sediment use sand filters).
The agracleer media is a nonhydrous aluminium silicate. It is a lighter weight material able to handle large removal loads and yet be effectively cleaned with low backwash rates. 
   • Anthracite_Filter: Yasric ANT Filters Performs nearly identical to a sand bed and used in industrial_water_filtration_equipment where silica pick-up from sand is objectionable. 
   • Acid_Neutralizer_Filter:  Yasric ACN Filters The media in acid neutralizing filters is crushed and graded calcium carbonate (limestone). It is used to neutralize corrosive_acidic_water and to increase alkalinity_and_pH. 
   • Activated_Carbon_Filter: Yasric AC Filters This water filtration equipment is recommended for the removal of unpleasant tastes and odors, dechlorination, or organic contaminant adsorption. Depending upon the exact application a variety of carbon types can be used.
   • Micro-Filtration/ Ultra_Filtration Membrane Filter Yasric UFMF Filtration up to 0.2 micron is being performed by these systems to remove suspended solids and microbes as bacteria and viruses. These systems ensures 4 log virus removal and upto 99.9% virus removal. Primary applications include drinking_water_filtration and pre-treatment for hyper-filtration.  
   •  Nano–Filtration Membrane Filter Yasric NFMF Filters 
Nano_Filtration_Systems are used to eliminate dual ion values such as Fe++, Calcium, and Magnesium from water. This technology is being used as a substitute of water softeners. Primary applications include heating water treatment systems, boiler treatment systems, Food and Beverage Industry processing and cooling tower applications.
   • Multi-Cartridge Housing Filters:  Yasric MCHF
Multi cartridge housings and systems are designed to use multiple filter cartridges to cope with high rate filtration. These housings are fabricated with SS304L and SS316L. Custom and standard filter vessels and replacement elements for water and other in-plant liquids, foods, beverages, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, lubricants, paints and coatings, plating solutions and other liquid applications.

   • Yasric Water Filters
WATEEN offers two basic materials for above water filters: 
   •  Yasric-Filters Metal pre-engineered diaphragm valve nest units (GE Osmonics –Aquamatic_valves with stager) designed for a variety of applications, ideal for single unit flow rates up to 900 gpm and virtually unlimited flow rates with multiple units. 
•  Yasric – Filters -  Fiberglass Tank including: 
 TBRA-Series Top/side mounted automatic multiport_valve (Fleck or Autotrol), single, dual or triplex units, time clock systems for industrial, commercial and light_residential_applications. 
   • DBRA-Series – Top/side mounted automatic multiport valve (Fleck or Autotrol), single, dual_or_triple_tank, meter_demand_systems for industrial, commercial and light residential applications. 
• MRS-Series - Single_vessel, dual,_triple_units with manual_multiport_valves, ball/gate_valve_nest for any industrial, commercial_applications

Quality Tank Construction
All standard Yasric industrial_water_filters include pressure_tanks constructed of high quality welded steel designed for 100 psi working pressure and tested for 150 psi. Standard pressure tanks are equipped with inlet and outlet connections, top mounted loading port (either handhole or manhole), and a side filter_media removal fitting. Due to the corrosive nature of certain filter media types, all tanks are epoxy lined. Stainless_steel or Fiberglass_pressure_tanks are available for custom industrial water filters.

The Yasric hub and lateral distribution system is designed to utilize the entire bed area during all flow rates. This minimizes channeling during periods of low flow. The standard underdrains (internals) are constructed of PVC with schedule 80 laterals ensuring maximum corrosion protection and strength. Optional materials are available to meet most requirements; i.e. CPVC, Polypropylene or Stainless Steel.

Diaphragm Valves 
To answer a need for truly trouble-free, labor saving, automated equipment; our engineers designed the ultimate industrial water filter using a "Nest" of GE Aquamatic_diaphragm_valves . The angular design, high lift, and large seat opening of these hydraulically operated valves provide a minimum restriction to flow and reduction of turbulence. They are controlled by a "Stager" to backwash the filter and return it to service without any manual attention.

The standard method of control for automatic_industrial_water_filters is accomplished through the use of a heavy-duty stager with an integral clock_timer (Fleck_valves or Autotrol_valves ). This control has a built in manual override feature should backwashing be required at times other than at its pre-determined time. 
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General sizing of a filter begins with first selecting the type of filter media and then working with the flow rate at which the media can best performance the assigned task.Selection is based on filter type, size, quantity, operational mode and particle retentions.

TYPE- Filters in respect to their flow rates are available in three general categories.
LIGHT DUTY- Fiberglass tank 9” through 16” in dia meter with top mounted non- metallic valves. All units have 1” pipe connections and are used primarily for home and small commercial_applications.
MEDIUM DUTY- Fiberglass_tank 14” through 36” in diameter with top_mounted non-metallic valves. All units have both 1 1/2” and 2” pipe connections and are used in a variety of commercial, institutional and manufacturing establishments.
HEAVY DUTY- Steel_Tanks 12” through 96” in diameter with externally mounted piping and control_valve. Available in pie size 1” through 8” and used for all heavy commercial and industrial applications.

SIZE - The filter service flow rates are listed in the Supplementary Data Table for the type of filter selected. Because backwash rates are always higher than service flowrates, The available rate of backwash water may limit the size of filter that can be maintained. Twin filters (double the single unit flow) installed in parallel may be required to produce the required service flow with separate backwashing of each tank.

QUANTITY -  While limited backwash water is a major reason for a multiple filter arrangement, other reason include continuous availability of filtered water and maintenance of high water quality with several filters remaining on stream during backwash of one.

OPERATIONAL MODE - The backwash schedule is determined by an adjustable time clock. Other options include initiating backwash by a single from a differential pressure switch connected across the service inlet and outlet headers or by a standard gallon register or electrical signal type water_meter.

PARTICLE RETENTION - All filter media types have a “Particle Retention” capability which indicates the smallest particle size which will pass through the media at all flow rates ( Superior , high, utility).
It is possible for particle sizes smaller than the “Particle_Retention” rating to be filtered. This can happen at low flows (superior rating). If/when the flow increases, the smaller particles may be released in significant number to affect the turbidity index of the water; however, none of the released particle Retention rating of the media.
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OTHERS CONSIDERATIONS - In addition to service_flow, the selection of a filter system must take into account the available backwash_flow_rate. This is the most important function in the proper operation of the filter. Periodically, the accumulated impurities (iron, sediment, etc) must be removed (backwash) from the filter.
Backwash flow rates are always much higher than service_flow_rates and therefore, limit the size_filter that can b installed. As a general rule in sizing filters, select the largest filters that can be backwashed with flow rate available at the point of the filter installation. Than, note the service flow rate for the filter selected. If it is not adequated for the flow to be treated, a twin or triple installed in parallel is required.

Industrial Water Filters  

WATEEN's industrial_water_filters (Yasric) clarify water by removing_sediment, turbidity, iron, unpleasant_tastes, odors, suspended_particles, or unwanted_color commonly found in surface_/_ground_water.
Yasric industrial_water_filters can be used in a variety of service conditions including municipal, institutional and industrial_water_filtration applications. With the utilization of the correct pressure_tanks, valves and accurate filter media choice Yasric industrial_water_filters can suit most industrial_water_filtration requirements. Our industrial_water_filter_equipment can be designed to operate manually, semi- or fully-automatically and require very limited technical knowledge. 

For further assistance and guidance on your specific requirements for your commercial and industrial water filtration needs Click Here to Contact us

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